Olympus E-P1

Finally I have bought myself a way in the CSC slash Mirrorless world by buying something different then expected. Because for me it was a big step to buy immediately something radical and expensive like the Fujifilm X100 or the newly introduced Fujifilm X pro 1, I decided that I could better buy a second hand camera in the same class to try and find out if the concept of a high quality sensor in a small body with a good quality lens would fit me. I wasn’t sure about it because it is completely different than what I was doing the last decade or so.

So first I planned to buy a Sigma DP2. A compact format with APS-C size sensor and a 41 mm (35mm equivalent) f2,8 prime lens. I had a victim and had set on a date to try and buy it, but before I could try it another deal came across and without giving the DP2 a chance I went and bought it. Later I would regret this, but that’s different story.

The deal that came across was definitely a good deal. I was offered a brand new boxed Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm kit lens for less than the second hand Sigma DP2. The reason for being so cheap was that it was outdated, the E-P3 just came on the market, and the dealer could get rid of the older ones. (I thought) I didn’t mind buying an outdated camera, the camera was still fairly… Continue reading