About my Fujifilm X100

Ok, so you could have read about my purchase of a Fujifilm X100 in the article below. This is a camera which I have longed for since introducing it at the Photokina in 2010, where Fujifilm stunned the public and press with its surprise introduction. Immediately I fell in love with the looks and aswell with the idea of a non-interchangeable fast lens and analog controls. A bit later came the first sample pictures and it was clear that this camera is a winner.

Now I finally own my X100 I immediately start to go out and take pictures again, I actually go to places just to photograph and this is something that didn’t happen for some while now, so already the X100 served its purpose. From day one I love the image quality, colours and sharpness, the images coming from this camera are just stunning! In the bottom of this article I will post some examples of photos straight from the camera.

Of Course not everything is perfect about this camera, there are a couple of things to get used to. One example is of course the fact that there is no zoom at all. In my opinion this is both positive and negative because having no zoom makes you think more about composition nut sometimes you just want to zoom in a bit.

the other is the selection wheel on the back of the camera and the button in the middle of it. The wheel turns to easy and the button is too deep inside the body, this combination means that too often when you want to push the button you actually turn the wheel or change the whitebalance or so.
One other point of imperfection is the autofocus. There are many persons writing many articles about the bad autofocus of the X100, but my opinion in short is: the minimal focus distance of 80cm is too big because of with a 35mm lens you want to be able to get closer to you subject but the AF does not allow it. Also the AF is not one of the fastest around and coming from an autofocus monster like the Canon 7D it still takes some time to get used to. Having that said I can tell you that the amount of misfocus shots are minimal and I don’t agree with some of the critics this camera gets.

Enough words, I will let the photos do the talking for now.