Why I sold the Canon 7D.

First I have to tell about how much I love the Canon 7D.

I owned the Canon 7D for over 2 years and since then I have been taking lots of beautiful photos with it and It brought my skills to another level because I started doing things which weren’t possible with my former camera. Coming from a Canon 10D the image quality is such an improvement, now finally I dare to take pictures above 800 ISO without being afraid that noise will kill the photo. Also I started to explore off camera flash photography, which opened my eyes for a bit more serious portrait photography and even food photography.

The first year I used the 7D a lot, but later the camera almost never left the house. Only for rare occasions I felt like taking the whole bag with me for a photoshoot. Photography became to much of a gear thing, First I only went out with one body and one or two lenses, later I also needed to take a tripod, extra lenses, 2 flashes, flash stand with umbrella etc etc. This was not where I signed up for when I started this hobby!
The result of all this was that I just left everything at home and didn’t take any photos. For the family photos I just carried the  Olympus E-P1 or Canon Ixus 80is.


when looking around on the local second-hand market I found out that my camera and lenses had a very decent value. So without too much loss I sold everything. It was difficult to finally take the big step of selling but it feels good not having a fortune lying in a closet unused.


New chapter.


When thinking about what I loved about photography I came to the conclusion that I loved gear, but I didn’t want to carry that around. But most of all I love to have a camera with me which let me take high quality, creative photos with a shallow depth of field. So in other words a small camera, with a big sensor and a good fast lens and to be honest there is only one camera which fits the bill: Fujifilm X100. Ok, ok, there were others too, i’ll make a short list:

Fujifilm X pro 1: Beautiful camera, great quality and to be honest I wanted to buy this one, but above budget.
Olympus OM-D E-M5: A little less beautiful than the X pro 1, but still good, but after my recent bad experience I first wanted to give a different brand a chance even though I know that this camera is a great camera!
Leica M9: price, do I need to say more?
Nikon 1V and 1J: To small sensor
Canon G12: to small sensor
Sony Nex/ Olympus PEN/ Panasonic m3/4: Good, but not convincing enough.

So I bought a Fujifilm X100!

I´ll talk about my experiences in a later post, for now this is enough.