I will try to keep this story short:

About two and a half year ago we where looking for a place to stay for my parents, who where coming over from Holland for a visit, sinds our house is´nt  big enough for 2 more grown-ups. I knew about one house which is owned by Magnus Karel and his lovely wife Inga Lára, an old but beautiful rebuild house close by where we live. I went to have a talk with Magnus and he was kind enough to allow us to rent the house, the price…. “well, we wil discuss that later” he told me.

Garðhús IIWhen my parents arrived I again asked for the price: “ But Bob, you don´t want to discuss that with your parents here, don´t you” Magnus answers me. After a beautiful holiday my parents went home and I went to return the key, again asking the same question; the kind man answers: “ Bob, you don´t have to pay anything. I can not take money for renting out a house,  because I am not registered  as a company. You can pay me back by building something for me, you are a carpenter, so you will get a chance later.”

Two years later, I still did´nt do any work for Magnus but I heard from friends that Magnus was dissatisfied with a website which he owns. Sinds it is a beginning hobby of me to build websites I started to build a new… Continue reading