About my Fujifilm X100

Ok, so you could have read about my purchase of a Fujifilm X100 in the article below. This is a camera which I have longed for since introducing it at the Photokina in 2010, where Fujifilm stunned the public and press with its surprise introduction. Immediately I fell in love with the looks and aswell with the idea of a non-interchangeable fast lens and analog controls. A bit later came the first sample pictures and it was clear that this camera is a winner.

Now I finally own my X100 I immediately start to go out and take pictures again, I actually go to places just to photograph and this is something that didn’t happen for some while now, so already the X100 served its purpose. From day one I love the image quality, colours and sharpness, the images coming from this camera are just stunning! In the bottom of this article I will post some examples of photos straight from the camera.

Of Course not everything is perfect about this camera, there are a couple of things to get used to. One example is of course the fact that there is no zoom at all. In my opinion this is both positive and negative because having no zoom makes you think more about composition nut sometimes you just want to zoom in a bit.

the other is the selection wheel on the back of the camera and the button in the middle of it. The wheel turns to easy… Continue reading

Why I sold the Canon 7D.

First I have to tell about how much I love the Canon 7D.

I owned the Canon 7D for over 2 years and since then I have been taking lots of beautiful photos with it and It brought my skills to another level because I started doing things which weren’t possible with my former camera. Coming from a Canon 10D the image quality is such an improvement, now finally I dare to take pictures above 800 ISO without being afraid that noise will kill the photo. Also I started to explore off camera flash photography, which opened my eyes for a bit more serious portrait photography and even food photography.

The first year I used the 7D a lot, but later the camera almost never left the house. Only for rare occasions I felt like taking the whole bag with me for a photoshoot. Photography became to much of a gear thing, First I only went out with one body and one or two lenses, later I also needed to take a tripod, extra lenses, 2 flashes, flash stand with umbrella etc etc. This was not where I signed up for when I started this hobby!
The result of all this was that I just left everything at home and didn’t take any photos. For the family photos I just carried the  Olympus E-P1 or Canon Ixus 80is.


when looking around on the local second-hand market I found out that my camera and lenses had a very decent… Continue reading

Olympus E-P1

Finally I have bought myself a way in the CSC slash Mirrorless world by buying something different then expected. Because for me it was a big step to buy immediately something radical and expensive like the Fujifilm X100 or the newly introduced Fujifilm X pro 1, I decided that I could better buy a second hand camera in the same class to try and find out if the concept of a high quality sensor in a small body with a good quality lens would fit me. I wasn’t sure about it because it is completely different than what I was doing the last decade or so.

So first I planned to buy a Sigma DP2. A compact format with APS-C size sensor and a 41 mm (35mm equivalent) f2,8 prime lens. I had a victim and had set on a date to try and buy it, but before I could try it another deal came across and without giving the DP2 a chance I went and bought it. Later I would regret this, but that’s different story.

The deal that came across was definitely a good deal. I was offered a brand new boxed Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm kit lens for less than the second hand Sigma DP2. The reason for being so cheap was that it was outdated, the E-P3 just came on the market, and the dealer could get rid of the older ones. (I thought) I didn’t mind buying an outdated camera, the camera was still fairly… Continue reading

High-end compact camera.

There has been an interesting development in camera world and i am as usual far to late with adopting to it.

Sinds the digital era, in general, there have been 2 categories of digital cameras: Compact and Digital SLR. The first is excellent for people who want to take there family or holiday photo´s, the later is for the more advanced or professional photographer who want to have interchangeable lens system. Both categories have there own sub-categories but I don’t have to cover them for this item. The big advantages of a compact camera are the fact that you can easily take it with you and that you don´t have to think about the shooting, you just point and shoot. The big disadvantage is that because of it size there is no place for a big sensor and quality lenses. usually these camera have plastic elements witch honestly are not the best of quality.
So, if you want more quality then you step it up to an interchangeable lens system like a DSLR. These cameras have a bigger sensor, sometimes up to 12 times bigger, so they can produce higher quality images with more detail and better contrast. The disadvantage… they are huge compared with a Ixus.So the manufacturers came up with something new. They took a small body, a bit bigger than the average compact camera, put a bigger sensor in there and finished it of with high quality glass, sometimes even interchangeable. One of the first company who… Continue reading